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Please tell your friends and family about this amazing portrayal of overcoming strife and making amends with the past. Next, post a review of Broken Child Mended Man wherever you purchased the book. Finally, engage in meaningful discussion and seek ways to become involved. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join any meaningful nonprofit dedicated to helping children realize their worth. 

Believe in us!

Thanks for your interest in my book. Broken Child Mended Man is a raw autobiographical depiction into my mind as a troubled foster youth trying to make sense of the chaotic world I perceived. I hope this book will give you insight into the mind of any child facing traumatic situations. Just because I acted out, didn't mean I lacked potential; it just meant I needed to be embraced by the love from a community that much more. When you read this book, I ask that you do not give up on our society's most vulnerable youth. They are fighting unimaginable internal battles, but they have the potential to accomplish so much more.