Broken Child Mended Man is a memoir depicting life in foster care. The book highlights the author's ability to overcome his childhood struggles.


In his autobiography, Adam Starks provides a valiantly candid account of life during his formative years. Broken Child Mended Man is a remarkably compelling memoir touching on childhood neglect, years in foster care and overcoming the odds to graduate college. Highlighting the emotional and psychological ups and downs during his formative years, Adam Starks manages to reveal human resilience in its most authentic form. Through a life of trial and error, the author displays bountiful courage by achieving life's milestones without a consistent role model. 

 Broken Child Mended Man is one of this year's best surprises for reader's from every walk of life. This book is for anyone having trouble with their current circumstances or just looking for ways to support the broken souls within their community. The positive message throughout the book will help any reader establish solid footing as they seek purpose and the will to persevere through life's hardships. 

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To be broken, offers a chance to be restored to a more beautiful and resilient state of mind. 
Adam Starks, Ph.D.

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