Serious Reader Interview

Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

Of course! I’m working on a children’s book dedicated to foster children and parents. I hope we’ll be able to release it within the next year. I also have two nonfiction works and a fiction slated for release early-mid next year. The titles and outlines are complete. I’m working on the substance day by day, but I should have each one wrapped up by October or so.

Who are your books mostly dedicated to?

My book is dedicated first and foremost to those struggling to cope with past mistakes or their current plight in life. A close second would be the people who feel compelled to help the downtrodden in any way possible.

Have any of your books been adapted into a feature film?

No, but I have a producer shopping Broken Child Mended Man on my behalf. I’m cautiously optimistic about the prospects.

How long do you take to write a book?

It took about 10 months from conception to pen down. I was proud of what I managed to accomplish within the course of a year. The next few books will take much longer mainly because I’m venturing into parenting, social psychology and sci-fi.

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