Red City Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Adam Starks, Ph.D. shares a memoir of his life in Broken Child Mended Man. He shares his experiences as a black child born to an alcoholic mother, who has dreams of being a songwriter. His life began in California only to have it uprooted and transplanted to the countryside of Virginia before kindergarten. Many days he went without food and was forced to take drastic measures to feed his hunger. A lot of people think they had a rough or unhappy childhood, but until you see into the reality of someone who experienced an exceptionally unpleasant youth you can’t grasp how good you probably had it. Eventually, Starks’ mother lost custody of him and his siblings. He was separated from two of his brothers while being placed in a foster home with one of his other brothers. There were good and bad aspects to that home, and few years later he was placed in a new foster home. As Starks grew into a man, he wanted to stop the cycle and be the best person, husband and father he could be. He didn’t want to be someone who had been hurt that in turn hurt others.

This account by Adam Starks of a broken child growing into a mended man is a well written account. He shares a good amount of details to help the reader truly sense what he went through. His writing offers the reader an opportunity to almost walk in his shoes for a while. Many people will discover things about themselves within these pages that they didn’t realize before, even if their experiences were quite different. This is a striking story of one man not allowing his past to dictate his future.