Serious Reader Interview

Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

Of course! I’m working on a children’s book dedicated to foster children and parents. I hope we’ll be able to release it within the next year. I also have two nonfiction works and a fiction slated for release early-mid next year. The titles and outlines are complete. I’m working on the substance day by day, but I should have each one wrapped up by October or so.

Who are your books mostly dedicated to?

My book is dedicated first and foremost to those struggling to cope with past mistakes or their current plight in life. A close second would be the people who feel compelled to help the downtrodden in any way possible.

Have any of your books been adapted into a feature film?

No, but I have a producer shopping Broken Child Mended Man on my behalf. I’m cautiously optimistic about the prospects.

How long do you take to write a book?

It took about 10 months from conception to pen down. I was proud of what I managed to accomplish within the course of a year. The next few books will take much longer mainly because I’m venturing into parenting, social psychology and sci-fi.

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Apex Reviews: 5 Stars

Broken Child Mended Man
Reviewed By Natalie Holland

Official Apex Reviews Rating:  5 Stars

The bullying. The brutality. The isolation. The loneliness. The neglect. The scars – both physical and emotional.

Stories abound of how life is for children forced to live in the foster care system. One could argue there can be no new information shared that would shed a different light on the harsh realities of orphaned and abandoned kids. For as many stories that exist, though, about such harsh realities – how many tales expound on the rare ones who emerge victorious from the confines of the brutal system?

Count Broken Child Mended Man among that number. Throughout the pages of his heartrending memoir, author Adam Starks does more than simply take the reader through his eventful upbringing in the foster care system; he puts on full display his incredible story of survival and ultimate victory, one gained through nothing less than sheer faith and perseverance. Starks holds nothing back as he highlights the full measure of desperation inherent in children such as him – with apparently nothing to live for – while aptly pivoting to the tangible results of refusing to settle for a hopeless existence. More than just an inspiring tale of overcoming challenging beginnings, Broken Child Mended Man is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and the limitless potential within reach of all those willing to push for it. An absolute must read.


Masquerade Crew Interview

Q: "What impact do you envision your book(s) having on your reader?"

A: "I want my readers to have more compassion for people struggling to get by in their respective communities. It's so easy to pass judgment on others, but this book will challenge their preconceived notions about the real impacts of poverty and cultural expectations on society's most vulnerable citizens."

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Red City Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Adam Starks, Ph.D. shares a memoir of his life in Broken Child Mended Man. He shares his experiences as a black child born to an alcoholic mother, who has dreams of being a songwriter. His life began in California only to have it uprooted and transplanted to the countryside of Virginia before kindergarten. Many days he went without food and was forced to take drastic measures to feed his hunger. A lot of people think they had a rough or unhappy childhood, but until you see into the reality of someone who experienced an exceptionally unpleasant youth you can’t grasp how good you probably had it. Eventually, Starks’ mother lost custody of him and his siblings. He was separated from two of his brothers while being placed in a foster home with one of his other brothers. There were good and bad aspects to that home, and few years later he was placed in a new foster home. As Starks grew into a man, he wanted to stop the cycle and be the best person, husband and father he could be. He didn’t want to be someone who had been hurt that in turn hurt others.

This account by Adam Starks of a broken child growing into a mended man is a well written account. He shares a good amount of details to help the reader truly sense what he went through. His writing offers the reader an opportunity to almost walk in his shoes for a while. Many people will discover things about themselves within these pages that they didn’t realize before, even if their experiences were quite different. This is a striking story of one man not allowing his past to dictate his future.

E-Cover design

I submitted my book cover for feedback at an e-book award site and the comment from the judge confirmed my discontent with the layout: 

"It does look like an image that would spring from the unconscious but, unfortunately, this cover is lacking in impact and sophistication."

Lesson learned: Booktango is great for publishing, but you should seek a true professional for graphics and book cover design. For the price I paid, I would not recommend Booktango for the effort that potential readers will judge you by.